Email, SMS, and Push Campaigns

84% of restaurant owners use newsletters to inform customers about new offers and events.

AIYAOrder allows you to easily create and send email, SMS, and push notifications to your customers via AIYAOrder Merchant Dashboard.

Customer Database

The customer database is one of the most valuable resources of a restaurant's marketing strategy. Build your newsletter database and easily increase sales for your restaurant.

Discount Coupons

Create and send coupons to your customers to encourage them to place orders. Increase the number of deliveries in just a short time, reward your customers and earn more.

Marketing Automation

Automatic emails are sent at the perfect time, such as to remind clients who haven't ordered in a while, new product launches, and more. Automated features like these are proven to turn new customers into regulars and keep them up to date.

Up-selling & Cross-selling


You can quickly create new promos and offers for your consumers using the AIYAOrder online ordering system.

  • Consolidate all online orders automatically into your POS, saving time by reducing manual errors and sending orders straight to your kitchen.

  • Relevant upsells made like your favorite server to drive up an appetizer, beverage, and dessert sales. Sell more high-margin, low food cost items that boost profit.

  • You can transfer such recommendations to online ordering with AIYAOrder. In this way, you earn more.

Collect Insights


The online ordering system helps you to collect their opinions and allows you to respond.

  • 90% of customers check reviews about a restaurant before they visit. AIYAOrder allows you to catch them.

  • Make sure your happy customers post a review. But keep the crazy ones from causing a scene online. Save your reputation by handling complaints privately.

Automated Guest Engament


Customers earn loyalty points with each order that incentivizes them to order directly from you rather than through third-party apps.

Most of them are more willing to order at a restaurant if they can take part in a loyalty program.

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Gift Cards

Simple Gift cards that customers can purchase for friends and family to use in your restaurant.

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Flyer & Poster Design

Your restaurant flyer poster has the power to influence what decisions your customers make before they even consider looking at a menu.

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Menu Design

Choose the best design that best showcases your amazing restaurant and dishes online. With AIYAOrder, you can easily update them at any time, for any occasion.

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